Mimi Searfoss
Mimi Searfoss

A Different Story

YOU are not your story.  You create your story. shutterstock_147966689

YOU continue to exist when any part of your story changes-You are the person watching the story.

Like a movie…when the plot changes or the movie ends-there you are-still you.  You may have learned something or felt something, but you remain you.

We forget this…. In fact, for some, this is a very foreign concept.  This is why, when we are in times of transition and change we feel so uncomfortable.  It is as if we will cease to Be.  Yet, even when we are in the midst of anger, or struggle, there is always that part of us…the part that is consistently and intrinsically us, that can say, ”oh wow-look at me struggle”…”oh there I go pushing the wall”, or “Damn am I mad!”.  We are not the anger, or the struggle, these are things just passing through.  We are the one experiencing it, or even better observing it.

Yet when we are struggling and we lose touch with this aspect of ourselves,  how do we get in touch with our watcher-selves?  How can we integrate with the observer and so therefore be the clear and aware creator of our lives?

There are many methods.  Meditation and Mindfulness practices are one path that aims to get us in touch with our true quiet selves.  Yoga, and some methods of dance, even exercise can help to create a connection to our centers.  Being creative, painting, sewing etc. works for some.  Even housework can help to quiet the mind so that we become closer with ourselves.  The Zen of folding clothes…

For me, I have found InVizion® to be a most remarkable tool to shift me from the unwanted emotional states of a situation, and give me a different and more positive perspective. I come from a place of neutral peace as I watch my story unfold, and also participate in it’s unfolding with clarity.  It is an amazing process made by the brilliant, Colette Baron-Reid, and it works!  It accesses our subconscious pictures and works on the repetitive perceptions of our lives, shifting those that no longer work for us.  It is also fun, quick and enlightening.  I have often been completely floored by the change in my feelings and attitudes around a situation that a day before felt dire.

I came across a quote the other day by Byron Katie that I feel is pure understated genius:

“Do you believe in what you want?”

Do you?  What beliefs do you have about yourself that if replaced with a kinder view, a differing perspective, would alter how you move through the world and all its’ changes and challenges?

InVizion® can help you get there.