What do you Focus On? (and why it is important…)

Why is it important to have awareness and choose what you focus on? It affects your consciousness, and consciousness is all there is. iStock_000012325188_SmallConsciousness is your individual custom energy field. It is the energy you derive from in your lives.  This energy has a flavor, a resonance.  You can feel it in your body as expansion or contraction, pain or tension.  You can feel it from others, their own personal flavor.  Your level of consciousness provides a foundation for what you manifest in your external life, in your body in the form of disease or health, and in your thoughts.  Most of us bounce around between different levels of consciousness depending on our day and moods. One day we can be heart centered and compassionate, the next we can be down in the dumps and contracted about our surroundings and ourselves.  How you respond and perceive the events in your life is most certainly affected by where your consciousness is in the present moment.
Your consciousness is a complex formation built over the years in this life, formed by your beliefs and perceptions and therefore your experience. It will also include and be affected by concepts like Karma, past lives, and familial belief systems that are either taught or passed down thru the generations genetically, and collective consciousness, which we are all unavoidably connected to.  Let us not forget the even more important Universal consciousness.  Even your health can affect your consciousness (Just as the opposite can be true). Your own subconscious and unconscious programming are forces that can cause the sudden triggers and hidden shadows behind your repetitive patterns as well as rule your perceptions and experiences.
So, how do you get better at feeling and reacting from a place that feels good?  How do you reach for higher consciousness, and manifest more of the good stuff in your life?  How can you continue to work to choose the next highest spot on the consciousness spiral? 
I think it is a life long practice that requires self-compassion, openness, and curiosity. Thankfully there are many paths to joy and higher consciousness. One size does not fit all!  Right now I am going to discuss Focus.  Where do you put your precious attention?

What you choose to focus on is what you will have an abundance of in your life.  If you focus on what you do not have, or have a deep engrained belief about lack in your life.  You will have more lack.  You will be in complete resonance to the “absence of” rather then the “presence of”.  You will look around and see only that.  You will miss all that is abundant.


Here are a few things you can do to help refocus and bring about the desired experiences in your life:

Get Clear on what you want to feel and where you would like to be headed and focus on that NOW.  I like to focus on the feelings rather then the things.  I think when we want things-like a red sports car, we want the thing for the experience or feelings that we think it will bring.  Do you want the car because you want to feel sexy?  Exhilarated?  Fun?  Once you have clarity on what it is you are longing to experience… Say it is to feel sexy, make choices that align to the desired feeling of sexy.  Maybe it is a small thing… wear the clothing that brings you that feeling, or maybe it is taking a belly dancing class…Taking baby steps every day to do things for yourself to feel what we want to feel in your life is important to having more of it in your life.  The more you feel the way you want to feel-the more there will be of it in your life to feel.

Hook on the thoughts that provide the feelings (and consciousness) that is in alignment to your yen, your passion.  Have you ever noticed that you can have a judgmental thought and a positive one in a very brief time span and often on the same topic?  Cultivate the ones that makes you feel the best.  So often I hear people say, “But that is not realistic, to only listen to the positive voices in my head!” Forget about “reality”.  Your reality is what you focus on, so you get to choose it!  What you focus on is the only thing that exists for you. It might as well be the feel good things whenever possible.

Media, and what you read, count too.  Are you a news junky? Do you start your day on a paper filled with bad news, and negative projections?  Or perhaps you are deeply involved in a friend’s drama.  It is great to be supportive and compassionate, yet important to not get sucked into the drama vortex. There are lots of great things that happen in our world along with the struggles, so making a conscious effort to be aware of what you are feeding yourself with daily. It is very important.  I am not suggesting that you must become a Pollyanna with your head buried in the sand, but if you start paying attention to how it feels to watch a horrible news story vs. a positive story and how that may color your day or feed your fears versus put a smile on your face, I think you will begin to chose differently.  I no longer watch television news, and when it crosses my path I actually see it as some strange twisted parody.  Try it!

Notice the things in your life that are working and take a moment to feel gratitude. When we feel gratitude we feel good.  When we are grateful, It grows and we have more things to feel grateful about. iStock_000006470101_Small When you get really good at this you can chose to feel grateful for the events that trigger you because you can use those moments to raise yet another aspect of your consciousness and feel even better.  It can be a small thing, like when a hummingbird crosses your path-let yourself feel the wonder.

Make a Vision board of your desired experiences or feeling states.  This helps to do a whole handful of things:  It brings clarity and connection, it brings focus, it is fun, and it is an act of creation that crystalizes it into your life.  Many people make a single vision board and put it where they can be reminded on a daily basis.

I am going to be teaching a class that will further discuss focus, manifestation and pair the topic with making your own Vision Oracle Cards. I will teach you a way that you can continue to use and refine, and add to the cards later.  We will also be using visualization as way to gain deeper understanding of them and to get our subconscious mind on board with the whole idea.

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