Mimi Searfoss
Mimi Searfoss

Mimi is a gifted and talented BodyTalk Practioner and Coach. Her ability to interpret what is being said via the landscape process is spot on each and every time! With her keen intuition, she will uncover some of your deepest unconscious issues and help you resolve them in graceful way.  I’ve also had BodyTalk Sessions with her which were unbelievably fabulous! If you’ve never experienced bodytalk you should sign up and have one with Mimi… you won’t be disappointed!

E.P.- Pennsylvania

As one of Mimi’s clients, I have benefitted from her Body Talk sessions pre and post surgery (clearly accelerating my recovery), as well as refinding my spiritual and professional center through her coaching work. I found her ability to explore my aspirations, identify ways to leverage experience and dreams, as well as facilitating my minimizing doubts extraordinarily helpful.

–Gary S., San Mateo

I was concerned about the potential side effects of long-term Claratin use. I was skeptical about BodyTalk being able to address an issue I had resigned to live with forever. Following my session with Mimi, I have not taken the drug or had any symptoms. Being free from allergy symptoms is incredible; the improved outlook in other areas is also a great benefit.


Working with Mimi was such a positive experience and one of the most important things I have ever done for myself!  She is a naturally gifted intuitive counselor and her coaching technique is incredibly accurate as it works at the soul level. She is a calming presence and I looked forward to our calls each week! Regardless of the issue, Mimi will show you the way with knowledge, insights and options.

–Susan M., Maine